One-Stop shop > We help you to find the best suppliers and manufacturers, bring your ideas into bulk production and deliver to door, no more shipping scams and no more worries about the quality and communication with suppliers.

We offer service in Europe and China (located in Zürich) without time difference.

  • We offer a fast response from when orders are placed through to delivery.
  • We work with producers for top brands.
  • We provide a one-stop production service for your designs – from fabric to delivery of the finished garment.
  • We manufacture your designs; bringing your ideas to life.
  • We also offer our own product collections.
  • We are experts in international logistics and transportation.
  • We can mitigate the risks of cross-country purchasing.
  • We offer competitive pricing and high quality products.
  • We manage your textile bulk production.

We are located in the heart of Europe – Zurich